Actually, Your Vote Does Matter

Mikayla Schneider Uncategorized

This year, Colorado Springs voters in the District 11 boundaries have a chance to support our community and our kids through investing in our local public schools. This Mill Levy will increase teacher pay, update technology in the classroom, and go toward much needed building maintenance. It is critical that we are giving these kids the education they deserve in order for them to succeed.

Which is why we need YOU to VOTE.

Last year, the Mill Levy measure lost by just under 2%. If all of our supporters had voted, that outcome might have been different.

This year, we are determined to get the funding that District 11 needs in order to be successful. Together, we can make this happen. We have an opportunity to change lives.

On October 16th ballots were mailed out, and you have an opportunity to let your voice be heard. In order for our kids to be able to receive the education they deserve, the resources that will contribute to their successes, and raise the quality of our community as a whole, you must vote. Let your voice be heard! Be a part of a movement that is going to change our children’s lives.

If you support education, and want to see our students thrive with District 11, vote. Have your family vote, your neighbors vote, your friends in your book club vote. Because for every vote Yes on 3E, that is a vote for our own kids, our grandkids, the kids that are a part of this community, and the future of Colorado Springs.

Wake up on November 8th knowing that you did everything you could for our kids.

Click here to register to vote, find voting locations, or to read the ballot language.