Attract Great Teachers

$15,250,000 allotted

Young man in classroom

How do we compete for great teachers?

School Districts compete with each other for great teachers.

Better funding will allow the District to provide a competitive salary for teachers and staff. This will ensure our schools can compete with surrounding school districts and Denver schools to keep our great educators right at home in District 11.

Better funding would allow District 11:

  • Provide a competitive teacher salary in line with surrounding school districts
  • Hire an additional 25 teachers in an effort to reduce student/teacher ratios in all classrooms
  • Retain and recruit the best and brightest educators.

“District 11 competes with surrounding Districts for the best teachers. When the District loses quality teachers the effects are seen in the classroom immediately. Keeping those great teachers is essential to having the best schools for our kids”

Carlos Jimenez; Director of Admissions; Colorado College

Other ways D11 schools will be impacted

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