Economic Impact

Young man in classroom

How do good schools impact our local economy?

Great schools and strong local economies go hand in hand. Good school districts are at the top of the list for many companies looking to move or open new businesses. And, it’s hard to believe, but our kids are our future workforce. Making sure that today’s students are prepared to be future leaders starts in our local schools.

Better funding for our schools helps our local economy by:

  • Making our city more attractive to potential employers
  • Attracting more young professionals with families
  • Preparing our future workforce and community leaders for the challenges of tomorrow

“The city needs a well-educated, well-prepared workforce to draw on as industries change and jobs grow ever more technical and ever more automated. It’s time to invest in the city’s economic future, by investing in the city’s school districts.”

– Colorado Springs Business Journal; June 8, 2017

Other ways D11 schools will be impacted

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