Investing in Your Local Schools: Inside the Classroom

Mikayla Schneider Uncategorized

This is series of two posts where we break down the importance of investing in local schools into two categories: Inside the Classroom and Outside the Classroom. We talk about how voting YES on 3E to help increasing funding for School District 11 can benefit not only students and their learning abilities, but also the economic and property impact for Colorado Springs. Keep reading to learn about the great benefits that will be offered to our kids inside the classroom!


Inside the Classroom:


Conditions of School Environment

District 11 is one of the oldest districts in the area, with the average building age of over 50 years. It is important to maintain and improve schools buildings and classroom environments not only for safety, but in order for students and teachers to perform their best.

Research has shown that poor air quality affects students’ ability to concentrate. Building decay also has an impact, influencing the quality of teachers’ instruction as well as playing a role in their confidence and general well-being in the classroom. Teachers have also reported that the ability to control room temperature and acoustics where one of a few things that were most important.

Increased funding for District 11 will allow schools to improve heating and air conditioning, modernize classrooms, and provide standard routine maintenance. All of these updates are impertinent for our teachers and students to perform their best, in a safe and comfortable environment. We want our students to achieve in the classroom, and in order to do so we need to pay attention to the environment they are learning in. Voting Yes on 3E will do more than just some general updates – it will improve the quality of learning our kids receive.


Technology Based Learning

District 11 plans on using a portion of the increase in funding on improving technology in the education process. This means more than just teaching basic computer and software skills – it goes beyond that. Integrating technology in the classroom effectively means that it will be used across the curriculum to enhance the learning process.

Technology is a multi-use tool that redefines the student/teacher role where the student takes responsibility for their learning, and the teacher is there to guide. By providing more technology based learning, District 11 will be allowing students to learn “higher-order thinking and problem solving skills ” and will “positively affect student achievement and academic performance” according to this article on the benefits of integrated technology in education. For economically impacted students, school might be the only place where they can use modern technology to improve their learning.

By integrating 21st Century learning in District 11 classrooms, we are giving our kids the opportunity to learn modern intellectual skills that they can take with them in higher-education and prepare them for the workforce. Voting Yes on 3E will ensure that our kids have the opportunity to learn the tools needed to succeed in a modern society.


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