Investing in Your Local Schools: Outside the Classroom

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This is series of two posts where we break down the importance of investing in local schools into two categories: Inside the Classroom and Outside the Classroom. We talk about how voting YES on 3E to help increasing funding for School District 11 can benefit not only students and their learning abilities, but also the economic and property impact for Colorado Springs. Keep reading to learn about the great benefits that will be offered to our community outside the classroom!


Outside the Classroom:


Property Values

It has been said that excellent schools contribute to higher property values. Realtors from around the area can attest to home buyers purchasing homes based on what school district it falls into. (Read about Hans Rosielle, owner of Colorado Springs’ Property Mill Real Estate Group LLC testimony here!) Studies also agree that a positive correlation exists between school quality and housing prices.

The real estate industry can be the first to attest to good schools being influencer of the market. According to this article, one out of five buyers would give up a bedroom or a garage for a better school, and one out of three would purchase a smaller home in order to live in the right district. That same article also pointed out that one out of five home buyers would pay six to 10 percent above their budget for the right school. These attitudes and purchasing trends create demand for specific neighborhoods in the sought-after school districts.

This shows us that as a homeowner within the District 11 boundaries in Colorado Springs, it is important that we are investing in our neighborhood schools and its district. By voting Yes on 3E, you are not only improving the schools in your community, but also the value and appeal of your own home.

Local Economic Gains

Colorado Springs is transitioning into a high-profile place to be. Downtown is flourishing. New apartments are being built, real estate is booming (see above ;)) and tourists are pouring in during the summertime. In order to keep this positive trajectory that C. Springs seems to be heading in, there are a few key elements that are required in order for a city’s economy to thrive, one of which being jobs.

Studies show that professionals want to be in an area that offer great amenities,  including high quality schools that they can send their children. Making sure District 11 schools are attractive to potential incoming residents not only up the value of your home, but it brings in more businesses, employees, and tax base into this city that ensures a thriving economy.  Local economies flourish when there are more skilled and productive workers. Every year high school seniors are graduating and entering our workforce. By training and preparing them for the workforce and college, we are guiding competent employees, as well as feeding into local colleges like PPCC, UCCS, and CC.

We want young professionals to seek out Colorado Springs as a place that offers everything: quality jobs, healthy lifestyle, and a good education system. We also want high school graduates to enter the world feeling ready to contribute. By voting Yes on 3E, we are investing in our community, and making Colorado Springs the place that has it all.


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