Maintain our schools

$17,550,000 allotted

Young man in classroom

How do we keep our schools beautiful and modern?

The majority of our schools in District 11 are over 50 years old and were coming to life as Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was at the top of the music charts.

Schools are the doorstep of our community and beautiful well-kept schools are the first impression folks have of our home town.

Better funding will help:

  • Provide critical repairs to dated buildings
  • Stay on top of routine maintenance
  • Responsibly modernize our schools and classrooms

“It’s incredible to see how much pride our community and students have for John Adams since it was renovated. The kids even take the time to clean up the school yard and now you see kids and families using the playground during summer break. Having a beautiful school has made such a big difference in our neighborhood”

– Elle Lillard; Community LIaison,
John Adams Elementary

Other ways D11 schools will be impacted

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