District 11 is the core of our
Colorado Springs

It’s impossible to spend a day in our community without engaging an individual, business, or organization that is a product of School District 11. It’s the foundation of what’s made our town great. For the price of one movie ticket a month we can give our kids access to the education they deserve.

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  • D11 Proud

    School District 11 is Colorado Springs most historic (Happy 145th Birthday!), largest, and most diverse school district. It’s the current home of Colorado’s Teacher of the Year and Colorado’s History Teacher of the Year.

  • Get the details

    Our city’s central school district has put together a comprehensive plan detailing exactly how the mill levy dollars will be spent and how you can guarantee those dollars will be utilized as promised. Keep reading to learn how the money will impact our schools and community.


A lot has happened in 17 years…

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    2000 - Last mill levy approved

    The last mill levy was approved by voters for D11. This is also the same year most of our current seniors were born.

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    2001 - Harry Potter

    The movie series that defined our current generation of students, Harry Potter, hit movie theaters for the first time.

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    2004 - Facebook

    Chances are pretty good you may have been driven to our website through Facebook. Do you remember when you first signed up on the social media site?

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    2007 - Apple iPhone

    Are you reading this page through your smart phone? Amazingly, this piece of technology that is now a staple in our lives is only a decade old.

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    2009 - Angry Birds Game

    The app industry has become a dominant force in software and tech. Angry Birds was one of the first apps that demonstrated the power of smart phone applications.

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    2012 - Mars Rover

    Curiosity touched down on the Red Planet in what was at the time the most technologically sophisticated landing in NASA history.

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    2015 - Star Wars Reboot

    C-3PO was dusted off and put back into action in The Force Awakens.

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    2017 - District 11 asks voters for better funding

    District 11 will ask voters to approve additional sustaining funding for our schools for the first time in a generation.


Executing the plan

The District has created a school by school plan for the immediate maintenance upgrades and improvements each school will receive. Click the following links to learn just how each school will be immediately enhanced through better funding.

Filter by school type:
Elementary School
Middle School
High School

Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning

Adams Elementary

Audubon Elementary

Bristol Elementary

Buena Vista Montessori

Carver Elementary

Chipeta Elementary

CIVA Charter

Columbia Elementary

Community Prep

Coronado High

Doherty High

Edison Elementary

Freedom Elementary

Fremont Elementary

Galileo School of Math and Science

GLOBE Charter

Grant Elementary

Henry Elementary

Holmes Middle

Howbert Elementary

Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy

Jackson Elementary

Jenkins Middle

Keller Elementary

King Elementary

Life Skills High

Madison Elementary

Mann Middle

Martinez Elementary

McAuliffe Elementary

Midland Elementary

Mitchell High

Monroe Elementary

North Middle

Palmer High

Penrose Elementary

Queen Palmer Elementary

Rogers Elementary

Roosevelt Charter Academy

Rudy Elementary

Russell Middle

Sabin Middle

Steele Elementary

Stratton Elementary

Taylor Elementary

Trailblazer Elementary

Twain Elementary

Wasson High

West Elementary

West Middle

Whittier Elementary

Wilson Elementary


Our School District is a nationally recognized leader when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

It takes pride in being the only large District in the state that conducts an outside audit of its spending.

It’s also the only large District in the state that asks citizens to hold it accountable to the public with a Citizens Oversight Committee which monitors spending with a yearly report to the public.

If you’re interested in learning more about how District 11 holds itself to a higher standard than any other District in Colorado click the link below.

More on accountability