6 Ways You Can Help Friends of D11

Christopher Schell MLO, School Funding, Volunteer

Everyone has  the ability to help reach out to community members about investing in our kids and our schools. The mill levy will have a tremendous impact for our community our kids and our schools, but in order to get it passed, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your time is valuable – and essential.

There are many  different ways to be a part of this campaign! We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of tasks needed. Here we explain the six different ways you can help out to spread the word in order to help District 11 receive the adequate funding they need.

Here are the 6 Ways You Can Get Involved:

1. Go door-to-door

The most effective and efficient way to persuade and turn out voters is to have a face-to-face conversation with them on their doorstep. It not only shows them that the campaign values their vote enough to send someone to their door, but it also helps voters understand that their vote has an effect on people in their community. We will give you training and tools to successfully walk in our D11 neighborhoods to make sure voters have the information they need to support this measure. Join us any day of the week to canvass and make the best use of your time. Check out our schedule of walks at tinyurl.com/d11volunteers. Bring a friend and some water!

2. Join us for a phone bank

Monday – Thursday, 5:30 PM

In order for voters to know what the Mill Levy override is and all of its benefits, we have to reach out to all of our engaged community members. As we mobilize in support of education, we want our neighbors to join us. Phone banking is an effective way to spread our message, as well as recruit new volunteers. Bring a friend or two into our office, 722 S Wahsatch Ave, Floor 2, to join us in making some calls!

3. Leverage your existing membership in organizations

You know your community best! Think of your church, volunteer organizations, and book clubs. Pass out MLO information cards to these groups, and sign up potential volunteers in your community. Use the platforms you already have to engage your peers in what this Mill Levy Override means to our kids.


4. Talk to the people in your life

Reach out to your neighbors, family members, and coworkers to spread the word about why the MLO matters. Share your personal connection with D11, talk to your community about how valuable our schools are to our businesses and our neighborhoods, and help inform them about how the MLO is a crucial step toward the greater success and future of our city. Be sure to follow the Friends of D11 on social media, and be sure to share our posts with all your friends. Everyone we come in contact with is a potential Yes vote!

5. Donate

Your donation will help us tell the compelling story of students and families in D11 and will allow us to talk to more swing voters in the district, increasing our chances of success with every conversation. Donate today and we will add your name to our long list of supporters and education enthusiasts in the community. Any contribution will help! https://www.friendsofd11.org/donate/

6. Vote Yes on November 7th!

Your vote matters! Make sure you and everyone in your life are registered to vote at their current address by sending them to tinyurl.com/d11votes.