What is a Citizen’s Oversight Committee?

Christopher Schell MLO, School Funding

What is a Citizen’s Oversight Committee?

By Definition:

A Citizen’s Oversight Committee is a committee of citizens who oversee certain actions taken by an organization.

District 11 has an oversight committee in place for the last mill levy that was passed in 2000 (the same year our graduating seniors were born!) That same committee is still in place – they meet every month to track where the money is going and how the district is using it.

What do they do?

There will also be a citizen’s oversight committee in place for the 2017 mill levy. The committee undergoes a number of things in order for the funding to be used responsibly. They are familiar with and understand the mill levy spending plan, monitor mill levy spending plan progress, make recommendations regarding any program modifications, and participate in periodic public briefings to inform the community about implementation progress.

The district places the funds from the mill levy tax into a specific finance account in order for the citizen’s oversight committee to be able to track where the specific mill funds go. The district also produces an annual report on where funds from the mill levy were spent, which the citizen’s oversight committee reviews for approval. Here are some examples of previous financial reports.

Because of the District’s responsibility when it comes to spending, they received the District of Distinction award in 2014!

Accountability is a priority. Vote YES on 3E!